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Photo: Shoreline restoration and stabilization with Ridgeline Excavating at Kitty Coleman Park.

Kitty Coleman Shoreline and Creek Restoration Project

Current Environmental Ltd., working with Northwest Hydraulic Consultants and Ridgeline Excavating, installed large woody debris ballasted with large boulders in Kitty Coleman Park to mitigate shoreline erosion while maintaining key natural systems processes, safe public access, and a more natural esthetic than conventional riprap armouring.

To further support the natural function of the shoreline, Current Environmental Ltd. worked with the Kitty Coleman Park Board to organize and plant native plant restoration zones along the shoreline over a two year span.

In 2018, Current Environmental Ltd. also coordinated and implemented salmon habitat enhancement works in the portion of Kitty Coleman Creek that runs through the park. Riffles, pools, and large woody debris structures were re-created in this erosion-prone section of the creek, providing more resiliency against high flow events, additional spawning platforms, and larger refuge pools for rearing or out-migrating salmonids.

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